While not everyone can be out on the “frontlines” to hold a sign or shout into a bullhorn, we all have a place in this movement for the wellbeing of Black Lives. To this end, The Collective Empowerment Group has partnered with Rev. Leslye Dwight, Rev. Melech Thomas in conjunction with Metropolitan AME Church, and Mighty Fortress Ministries to coordinate a “Protestor Protection” supply drive. So far, over $2,000 has been collected for the purchasing of safety equipment for those who are marching on the frontlines. We have both collected and purchased items like:

  • Safety goggles (protects eyes from rubber bullets and direct contact to aerosol attacks)
  • PPE Masks (helps prevent the spread of COVID-19)
  • Helmets (limits impact from rubber bullets and other possible head trauma)
  • Water (both for hydration and washing off tear gas/pepper spray/open wounds)



If you or your church are interested in donating either money or the aforementioned supplies, here are ways that you can contribute.

To Donate Supplies, Ship to:

Metropolitan AME Church
1518 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

To Donate Financial Resources:

Click the Donate button below to send your donation through The Collective Empowerment Group

Your donations will be used to support organizations like Black Lives Matter-DC continue the important work of creating a more just society. Everyone has a role in this movement. Donate today and play your part!