The Collective Empowerment Group, Inc. (CEG) evolved out of concerns raised by pastors and church members regarding inequitable access to services provided by local banks. A group of pastors met in 1991 to discuss the means to gain economic empowerment and financial justice in their business dealings. In 1992, the CBG began interviewing 16 banks, with the goal of establishing covenant relationships whereby churches and members would receive equitable banking services. The first Covenant was signed in 1995 between the Collective Banking Group of Prince George’s County (MD) and Vicinity (the CBG) and four banks: Industrial Bank, Riggs Bank, Enterprise Federal Bank and Harbor Bank of Maryland.

In 2010, the Board of Directors and member pastors reflected on the evolution of the CBG. It had become a national organization, still advocating for just treatment from banks and much more. The Collective Banking Group became the Collective Empowerment Group (CEG), reflecting an increased focus on individual and corporate financial autonomy, responsibility and control. Emphasis is placed on building relationships and aligning resources.

The CEG Presidential Leadership:
Reverend Dr. Jonathan L. Weaver – 1991-2007
Reverend Dr. Kerry A. Hill – 2008-2011
Reverend Anthony G. Maclin – 2012-2015
Reverend Marcellous Buckner – 2016-2019
Reverend Dr. Bobby Manning – 2020 – Present

The CEG’s expanded vision for the future embraces and builds on the strength of our past – churches, businesses and communities working together with Collective Strength for Economic Empowerment. Are you interested in joining the CEG? If so, click here for membership information.